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News: Mar 24 2021: Welcome

We're back! 2021 March - CASIOPA webinars

Published On: March 24, 2021


We're pleased to announce that after a pandemic enforced quiescence, CASIOPA is starting on its plans through spring 2023!

To begin, CASIOPA chair Steve Murphy has recorded a set of webinars for March. They cover some fundamental ideas on managing protected areas, each focused on an open access paper that deals with innovations. 

Naturally, there are bigger plans for webinars from a diversity of people and organizations - and a virtual conference coming this fall. 

The webinars are found on the CASIOPA youtube page. You will need the links below to view them.

Intro to the March webinar series: https://Youtu.Be/Iumg4jvqwaQ

Example of evaluating effectiveness of protected areas: https://Youtu.Be/_Oeni9wzct8

Example of planning protected areas under anthropogenic climate change: https://Youtu.Be/W8SlB8bWLac

Methods of prioritizing protected areas – using “raptr”: https://Youtu.Be/4Npd8nNpdtI

News: Mar 24 2021: Text
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