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CASIOPA OECEM Webinar (24 November 2021) Is Now Available On Our Youtube Channel

December 02, 2021

November 02, 2021

OECMs are a relatively new (2018) type of conservation designation. They are a geographically defined area, other than a protected area, which is governed and managed In ways that achieve positive and sustained long-term outcomes for the in-situ conservation of biodiversity with associated ecosystem functions and services and where applicable, cultural spiritual, socio-economic , and other locally relevant values. They can help meet and then exceed Ontario’s goals related to the Aichi Targets.


Research Priorities For Parks Canada - Link To The Webinar Recording (June 4 2021)

June 07, 2021

Research Priorities for Parks Canada - CASIOPA webinar June 4 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKoFW7E1MMc

March 24, 2021

We're pleased to announce that after a pandemic enforced quiescence, CASIOPA is starting on its plans through spring 2023! To begin, CASIOPA chair Steve Murphy has recorded a set of webinars for March. They cover some fundamental ideas on managing protected areas, each focused on an open access paper that deals with innovations. Naturally, there are bigger plans for webinars from a diversity of people and organizations - and a virtual conference coming this fall.


2020 CASIOPA Webinar 2 - Corey Toth

May 03, 2020

Webinar 2 featured Dr. Cory Toth, Wildlife Biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service.  Dr. Toth discussed the growing problem of artificial light at night for animals, particularly bats and nocturnal insects, as well as a new method that could mitigate its effects for humans and non-human animals, alike.

Cory Toth is a biologist with a background in behavioral, community, and spatial ecology, with a past focus on birds and bats. He completed his BSc and Masters in Biology at Queen’s University studying the singing behaviour of black-capped chickadees. In 2011, he moved to New Zealand to undertake his PhD on the mating and foraging behaviours of the endangered lesser short-tailed bat at the University of Auckland. After finishing his PhD in 2016 he completed a short postdoctoral study at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, investigating the foraging behaviours of frog-eating bats, before moving to Boise, Idaho for a two-year postdoc at Boise State University investigating how sensory disturbances affect bird, bat, and insect communities. Since July of 2019 he has been working as a Wildlife Biologist in the Priority Species Division of the Canadian Wildlife Service.

 The recorded webinar is available here: Corey Toth Webinar

2020 CASIOPA Webinar 1 - Steve Murphy

May 03, 2020

CASIOPA Chair Stephen Murphy (University of Waterloo) delivered webinar #1 on Protected Areas and Restoration Ecology Strategies.

Steve discussed how new innovations in landscape-scale and habitat scale restoration is changing the face of planning and managing ecological restoration in protected areas. The two main foci were how representativeness is beginning to shift to complementarity across the world, in an effort to be congruent with the Aichi targets. As that shift occurs, even more attention is paid to how to rewild and restore protected areas and Steve will give an overview of the tools used as well as innovations in large-scale but efficient and effective monitoring of post-restoration progress.

In addition to being Chair of CASIOPA, Steve in the Editor in Chief of the peer reviewed journal, Restoration Ecology. Steve’s done research, talks, workshops, work, and teaching on protected areas and restoration ecology for over 30 years.

The recorded webinar is available here: Steve Murphy Webinar