Nov 24 CASIOPA Webinar OECM Exercise Documents

Wednesday 27 October 2021

For Kim Taylor Thompson's Nov 24 webinar on "Other Effective Areas-based Conservation Measures (OECMs)", we will be doing a (remote) participatory exercise to show how we can make decisions on what sites to include.  

This 'publication' file contains the exercise instructions and guide so you can complete it along with Kim during the webinar.

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2019 CASIOPA Conference Report

Sunday 03 May 2020

The 2019 CASIOPA Conference was our first hybrid live/remote.  It was one of our bigger conferences and given the 2020 covid-19 outbreak, the remote conference experience will come in handy!

This report is the Synthesis of the Breakout Sessions - our main objective of this conference was to engage participants in preparing action-oriented recommendations.

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2018 Our Nature, Our Health Conference Report

Friday 02 November 2018

In October 2018, CASIOPA held its annual conference on Our Parks, Our Health. CASIOPA had a record high in terms of the number of talks for a 2-day conference indicating the heightened interest in the topic, CASIOPA, and innovations in management science by academics and related personnel working as partners in Ontario’s parks and protected areas.

2007-2008 PRFO Proceedings

Monday 01 January 2007

No proceedings available.

2006 PRFO Proceedings | Transboundary Protected Areas: Research and Planning

Monday 31 July 2006

2006 State of the Art Workshop on Top-Down vs. Bottom Up: Working Towards Consensus on Systematic Protected Areas Planning in Ontario

Friday 21 July 2006

Summary of the Parks Research Forum of Ontario
Steve Kingston, Julee Boan, Yolanda Wiersma, Tom Nudds, Tony Iacobelli, Colin Anderson, Kara Brodribb, Dan Kraus, Bill Crins, Rob Davis, Robert L. Pressey, Leif Olson, Jennifer Shuter, Kristyn Ferguson, Cathy, McAllister, Paul Zorn

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2005 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas and Species and Ecosystems at Risk: Research and Planning Challenges

Monday 06 June 2005

2005 State Of The Art Workshop On Monitoring In Ontario’s Parks And Protected Areas

Wednesday 01 June 2005

2004 State Of The Art Workshop On Climate Change And Ontario’s Parks

Saturday 05 June 2004

2004 PRFO Proceedings | Planning Northern Parks And Protected Areas

Friday 04 June 2004

2003 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas And Watershed Management

Tuesday 03 June 2003

2003 – PRFO Workshop On Social Science And Protected Areas

Saturday 31 May 2003

2002 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas and Heritage Coastal Ecosystems

Friday 31 May 2002

2001 PRFO Workshop on Fisheries Research in Algonquin Park

Thursday 31 May 2001

2001 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas and Ecological Integrity

Thursday 31 May 2001

2000 PRFO Meeting on Forest/Wildlife Research in Algonquin Park

Tuesday 30 May 2000

2000 PRFO/SAMPAA Proceedings | Managing Protected Areas in a Changing World

Sunday 21 May 2000

1999 PRFO Proceedings | Parks and Protected Areas in Southern Ontario

Saturday 22 May 1999

1998 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas in the Canadian Shield: Information and Research Needs

Thursday 21 May 1998

1997 PRFO Proceedings | Inaugural Meeting – Establishing the Ontario Parks and Protected Areas Research Forum

Tuesday 20 May 1997