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Publication: 1999 PRFO Proceedings: Welcome


Saturday 22 May 1999

Land Use History, Landscape Change and the Role of Parks and Protected Areas

Southern Ontarios Natural Heritg Estate: Ecolological Perspectives and Information, Research and Science Needs

Human and Social Aspects of Protected Area Networks

Science, Information and Research: Ontario’s Park and Protected Areas in South Eastern Ontario

Responding to the Challenges

Municipal Interest in Parks and Protected Area Research

Public and Private Stewardship

Conservation Site Selection: Ecoregional Planning for Biodiversity

We Require a Southern Ontario Conservation Needs Template

Planning and Management Challenges, Research Needs and Actions in Southern Ontario: Crossing the Disciplinary an Scalar Gaps in Parks and Protected Areas

Natural Heritage Protection in Southern Parks in 1999

Commentary on Planning and Management Challenges, Research Needs and Actions in Southern Ontario


Parks and Protected Areas in Southern Ontario: Rapporteur’s Remarks on the Special Session of the 1999 Parks Research Forum of Ontario

Market Analysis of the Trent University Nature Areas for Interpretive Planning

Researching and Communicating the Value of Provincial Parks

Standards for Service Quality: Is there a place for them in the Parks Canada system?

Linking Societal Values with Biosphere Reserve Imperatives: Opportunities for Awareness

Planning for the Conservation of the Island Arc in the West Basin of Lake Erie

Grazing Impacts of White-tailed Deer or “Culling Bambi to save the forest”

Algonquin Park Wolves: Losing their ecological and population integrity

Georgian Bay Greater Ecosystem Bioregional Study – A greater park ecosystem approach to resource conservation

Reserve Netowrk Design in the Eastern Georgian Bay Region: Modelling the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

Regional Approaches to Planning for Protected Areas and Conservation

Relinquishing Boundaries: Metaphors for conceptualizing institutional systems

Climate Change and National Parks in Ontario: A Screening Level Assessment

Developing a Methodology for Identifying Significant Woodlands

An Overview and Assessment of Prairie and Oak Woodland Vegetation at Bronte Creek Provincial Park

An ecological assessment of the long-term survival of ancient populations of eastern white cedars on cliff faces of the Niagara escarpment

Building on the ONE Monitoring Program: Integrating Monitoring Programs in Protected Areas on the Central Niagara Escarpment

Algonquin Ecosystem Headwater Study: Tyne Lake Watershed

Applying Criteria and Indicators to Assess Integrity of a Boreal National Park and Adjacent Forest Management Units

Ecosite Mapping of Pukaskwa National Park

The Quetico Foundation Summer Research Program

The Status of Natural Heritage Planning in Carolinian Canada

Priority Sites for Conservation Action in Ontario: Applying the Provincial Natural Heritage Database

Representation and Conservation of Rare Plants in Ontario’s Carolinian Zone Provincial and National Parks

Pesticide Accumulation in Point Pelee Amphibians

Distribution and Persistence of DDT at Point Pelee National Park

Assessing the Environmental Quality of Marina and Small Craft Harbours in Ontario

Prescribed Fire in an Eastern White Pine stand in Pukaskwa National Park

Relative Importance of Patch Size and Landscape Forest Cover of Forest Birds

Tree Species Distributions in North-Central Ontario: Recent Observations in Pukaskwa National Park

Tallgrass Ontario

Trail System Planning, with Specific Reference to Provincial Parks in Ontario

Impacts of Experimental Hiking and Mountain Biking in Deciduous Forest

Monitoring Cumulative Effects of Landscape Change on the Frontenac Axis: A Preliminary Investigation

Issues, Options and Concerns at Komoka Provincial Park: Public Participation in the Environmental Assessment Process

The Morris Tract Provincial Nature Reserve: A New Gem For Ontario’s Provincial Parks System

An Analysis of the Scientific Research Undertaken in Ontario Provincial Park

An Assessment of Research in Ontario Provincial Parks from 1936-1998

Ontario Parks Legacy 2000: Program, Planning and Science Dimensions

Evaluating the Success of Deciduous Forest Restoration in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

The Landscape Genetics of Canis species in Ontario: Unraveling Ontario’s Canis-soup

Pukaskwa National Park and the 1998 White River Forest Plan Review: A New Definition for Transboundary Ecosystem Management

Restoration Ecology of Cirsium Pitcheri Along Lake Huron Sand Dunes

Restoration of Red Cedar Savanna Plant Communities in Point Pelee National Park

Assessing Ecosystem Conservation Plans (ECPs) for Some Canadian National Parks

The Distribution of Aquatic Macrophytes in the Old Qusable River Channel

Recent Establishment of an Isolated Population of Ixodes Scapularis, the Vector of Lyme Borreliosis, at Point Pelee National Park, Ontario

The Wainfleet Bog is in your backyard: understanding the total influencing physical and cultural factors to ensure successful and appropriate site rehabilitation and protection

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Publication: 1999 PRFO Proceedings: List
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