2000 PRFO/SAMPAA Proceedings | Managing Protected Areas in a Changing World


Sunday 21 May 2000

We don’t own the copyright to these proceedings; those rested with Science and Management of Protected Areas Association (SAMPAA) via Acadia University. Their former website (sampaa [dot] org) has lapsed.

However, the authors of some of the papers have them archived on their sites:

Hynes Et Al (Via) York U & Dawn Bazely

Wilkinson & Eagles Via The Latter’s Archived Page At U Waterloo


Additional Information about other SAMPAA or related Conferences (these were not associated with PRFO or CASIOPA):

Drysdale’s Brief On The Then-Upcoming 1994 SAMPAA Meeting And A Small History Of SAMPAA

David Harmon’s 1994 Edited Volume On Coordinating Research And Management Of Protected Areas

A Summary Of The 1997 SAMPAA Conference Can Be Found Via The George Wright Society Archives

Quinn And Theberge From The 2004 SAMPAA Meeting

Macharia’s Session At The 2007 SAMPAA Conference

Marshall Et Al’s Paper From The 2007 SAMPAA Conference

A Summary Of The 2012 SAMPAA Conference Can Be Found Via The Ocean Management Research Network