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Publication: 2001 PRFO Proceedings: Welcome


Thursday 31 May 2001

Ecological Integrity in Parks

Ecological Integrity and Parks Canada

Big Picture Applications of Bioregional Planning in Ontario

Ecological Integrity in Parks and Protected Areas in Australia: Concept and Reality

Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Based Planning Using the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) To Change Perspectives on Ecosystem Planning

Perspectives on Protected Areas

Conservation Authorities and Ecological Integrity

Urban Protected Areas & Ecological Integrity

Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Ecological Integrity and First Nations

Ecological Integrity and Protected Areas: A brief review of current concepts and practices

Comments and Observations from an Outsider: Organizational Behaviour and Ecological Integrity

Rapporteur Comments on Panel Discussion

Rapporteur’s Report on the Ecological Integrity Presentations: A View from a Member of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada’s National Parks

A Historical Overview of the Ecological Integrity Concept

Ecosystem Fragmentation in Ontario: Using corridors in Protected Areas Planning

Conserving Biodiversity in an Urbanizing Landscape

Criteria for Evaluating Protective Parks Legislation: How Does Ontario Measure Up?

Conservation Opportunities and Challenges outside Las Nubes and Los Cusingos in Southern Costa Rica

A Class Environmental Assessment for Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves

A Natural Heritage Strategy for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Southcentral Region

The Human Component of Resource Management at Bruce Peninsula National Park

Recreation Resource Assessment in Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves

Mountain Biking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains: A Situational Analysis

Biodiversity and Social Benefits in Community-Based Forest Management: The Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

Exploring Community Dynamics in Protected Areas: The Case of Dongzhai Nature Reserve in Hainan Province, China

Recovery Pathways of Zooplankton Communities in Acidified Lakes of Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

Sand Transport and Water Level Change at Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario

Integrating Research and Outreach at Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Characteristics of expanding and stable populations of garlic mustard in Carolinian parks

“Footprints” in parks: using GIS to measure human impact in two of Ontario’s national parks

EMAN, and Protected Areas: Cooperating in Providing Information for Ecozone and Local Ecosystem Management

Capacity of Ontario’s Parks to Sustain Large Carnivores

Population viability of black bears on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Landscape Guides for the Niagara Escarpment: A Vehicle for Heritage Conservation and Planning

Protecting Cultural Landscapes: The Challenge of Old Order Amish and Mennonite Heritage in Waterloo Region

National Parks and Protected Areas as Building Blocks for Regional Conservation Planning in Canada and the USA

A Study of Prescribe Burns, Tree and Shrub Layer in Oak Savanna Plant Communities in Southern Ontario: Pinery Provincial Park, Rondeau Provincial Park and Point Pelee National Park

Toward and Ecological Monitoring Program for Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves

An Approach for Monitoring in Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Protected Areas Executive Summary

Panel Commentary: An Approach for Monitoring in Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Protected Areas

Panel commentary: An Approach for Monitoring in Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Protected Areas

An Example from Elswhere: Meeting the Challenge of Ecological Research and Monitoring: The Case of Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Rapporteur’s Summary of Workshop Presentations and Discussion

Consultant’s Response to the Presentations and Discussion at the Workshop

Presentation of Participants Comments from Questionnaire

Special Session on Ontario Parks Monitoring Framework: Closing Remarks

Concluding Observations on the Special Session on the Proposed Monitoring Framework for Ontario Parks

The Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Rondeau Provincial Park: Implications for Conservation

Stewardship Planning for Ontario Parks Legacy 2000 Sites in South Eastern Ontario

Research Strategy for South Eastern Zone of Ontario Parks

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) within the Southwestern Zone, Ontario Parks

A Summary of Recent Research Activities within the South-western Zone, Ontario Parks

An Ecological Dilemma

Viability of Expanding Ecotourism within Windy Lake Provincial Park

Planning and Management at the Lower Kananaski River: The Opportunities and Challenges for Future Management

Challenges and Opportunities to Managing Recreation for the Georgian Bay Island Archipelago

Assessment of Pre-Industrial Conditions and Long-Term Environmental Trends in Park Lakes

Applying an Adaptive Management Approach to Ecological Integrity Monitoring at St. Lawrence Islands National Park

Monitoring in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem

Operationalizing Ecological Integrity within Ecosystem Management of Quetico Provincial Park Using Prescribed Forest Fires

Multiple Scale Effects of Overgrazing by White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Eastern Deciduous (Carolinian) Forests

Preserving Biodiversity in a Burned Park Forest

The Role of Biosphere Reserves in Working towards Ecological Integrity: Case Example of Frontenac Axis Biosphere Reserve

Relationships Between Forest Fires, Habitat Change and Ecological Integrity in Terra Nova National Park, NF

Ontario’s Living Legacy (OLL) Regulations Project – Poster Presentation

Ontario Parks Legacy 2000: From Morris Tract to Clear Creek – Poster Presentation

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Publication: 2001 PRFO Proceedings: List
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